A Trial And Appellate Attorney Fighting For Justice For You

Brian Patrick Conry is a skilled litigation attorney practicing in the areas of major criminal defense and deportation defense cases. Specific areas include:

  • Measure 11 cases, including crimes of violence, sex abuse and related charges
  • Drug trafficking, including motion to suppress
  • Post-conviction relief, including follow-up defense in criminal and immigration court if relief is granted
  • Deportation defense cases, including Cancellation of Removal and Asylum
  • Appeals-9th Circuit, Oregon, Washington, Board of Immigration Appeals

Right To Confrontation

Trial of criminal defense cases requires investigating the motive, bias and interest of the accusers bringing the criminal charges. This includes whether or not the accuser or accusers is seeking or have obtained a green card through the Violence Against Woman Act or a U-Visa for victims of any domestic violence, sexual abuse and/or other criminal charges.

Family members of accusers are also eligible for U-Visa certification as "derivatives" or "beneficiaries" of the accusers' potentially false accusations. Ten thousand U-Visas are granted a year in the United States. Juries or Judge fact finders are very interested if in fact the prosecution's chief witness may become a legal permanent resident or U.S. citizen in the future in all likelihood through bringing a possibly fraudulent criminal prosecution against the defendant.

Zealous investigation in criminal defense cases is a priority in defending criminal charges that significantly affect the rest of the defendant's life and freedom.