Minimizing Serious Consequences Of Drug Crimes

Non-U.S. residents and foreign nationals who have been convicted of drug possession or trafficking may face deportation from the country. For many, deportation seems to be the only outcome.

Brian Patrick Conry has represented clients on drug charges at the state and federal court level in Oregon and Washington. These convictions often carry serious immigration consequences.

Options Beyond Deportation For A Drug Conviction

Post-conviction relief (PCR) can potentially eliminate deportable or inadmissible convictions. Bringing experience in and knowledge of both criminal defense and immigration law on behalf of his clients, Brian Patrick Conry has appeared before:

  • Executive Office for Immigration Review (local immigration court)
  • Board of Immigration Appeals
  • Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

Defending drug crimes through motions to suppress can be "miraculous". If the drugs are suppressed as illegally seized by the police due to a constitutional violation, the constable's blunder means the defendant goes free. The drugs "disappear" and cannot be used as evidence against the defendant. This is a most excellent result for the charged criminal defendant and sets the defendant free. Miranda related motions assuring that the right to counsel warnings are properly given and waived by the defendant prior to any statements being made to law enforcement are also very important.

In his practice of PCR, Mr. Conry attends to every detail, starting with reviewing court transcripts and prior attorneys' files. From there, he rebuilds the case with a fresh approach and takes a second look at analyzing evidence and interviewing witnesses.

By attending to every detail, Brian Patrick Conry has been successful in preventing deportation by vacating unconstitutionally obtained convictions resulting in new trials and/or having charges reduced or cases dismissed.

Contact A Lawyer Skilled In Drug Crimes Defense And Deportation Cases

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