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Brian Patrick Conry has earned several Five-Star ratings from Avvo

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Very good lawyer

This is a very good lawyer he did a very good work with my case i recommended.

--Posted by anonymous, December 27, 2021

The Best Lawyer

Mr. Conry is One Of the Best Lawyer I’ve Ever Met, He Helped Me So Much in My Case, And Super Fast On Giving Results I Highly Recommend Him, his an amazing person and does an amazing job, i will forever be thankful with him.

--Posted by Mrs. M, December 9, 2021

Best Immigration Lawyer

Mr. Brian is the best immigration lawyer. He is so professional and organize. I was so thankful him and his team worked so hard on my immigration case. I really recommend for those people who has immigration problems should hire him. Again, thank you so much Mr. Brian.

--Posted by anonymous, October 8, 2021

Best Criminal and Imagination attorney in town!

I was in he prosses of depression for having an aggravated felony on my record. I was 16 when my first original crime occurred. i was old enough to be charge as an adult. At the time it didn't seem like ICE would ever be involved. My court appointed lawyer assured me that he got me the best deal when In all reality he was crap. We could have went to trial and gotten better charges. I mean I wasn't innocent but the punishment did not fit the crimes. Anyways I thought I would just do my time and take what ever punishment they through at me. After having been released I was doing fine but ended missing a very important court date which caused a warrant out for my arrest. The judge was simply going to have a talk with me about the importance of my probationary guide lines and release me but it was out of the judges power when ICE got involved. You see I had just turned 18 witch meant that ICE was now was able to go after me. why they didn't before is because they don't tend to go after minors. Little did I know that one mess up would start a much bigger prosses.

The only reason I'm letting you know all of this information is because Brian Conry was able to go back to where my previous lawyer messed up and get me a better deal. This brought my charges down. My old lawyer kept pressuring me to take a plea deal that he gotten for me. He could've gotten me something a lot less severe. Brian was able to accomplish this for me.

After lowering my changes Brian petitioned the immigration Judge for my release. Which happened pretty quickly. Brian is a outstanding lawyer. Me and my Family are grateful to have found him. Worth every penny.

-- Posted by Jaun, February 8, 2017

*highly recommend him.

My family and i were looking for an attorney to help us apply for our residency card and we hired Brian Patrick Conry to help us apply. We were unsure of the process but we put our trust in Brian and he delivered. My family and I are currently permanent residents because of Brian's hard work and dedication to our case. We are more than happy with his services, he puts in time and work. He is very experienced and knows what he's doing, always answered our questions and kept us in the loop. He put our minds at ease when we had our doubts, he insured us that everything was going to go well, though it wasn't easy for us or him he kept his word. We don't regret hiring Brian and will most definitely hire him again when we apply for our citizenship.

--Posted by Miguel-Ortiz , November 29, 2016

Free at last

I was accused of a crime I did not commit and was sentenced to 14 plus years. My relatives and very closed friends contacted Brian Conry. after I was sentenced Brian picked up my case. Brian Conry worked on my case immediately and found out with concrete evidence that the people who accused me did this to get u-visas to be able to stay in this country I sincerely recommend Brian Conry, his crew are very aggressive when it comes to finding overlooked evidence. I am back to my family after spending 6 years in prison with a clean record.

--Posted by Raul , November 18, 2016

Immigration case

Brian is passionate at what he does and he fights for you.

He spent a lot of time on our case. I know he spent more time on the case than what we could pay him. He put in a lot of his own time. Like I said he was passionate and determined to win our case. It was much appreciated. I recommend Brian Conry.

-- Posted by Maria , September 7, 2016

Excellent Attorney

Mr Conry, worked on my immigration case with knowledge and professionalism.always keeping me up to date on any progress on the case.I higly recommend him for immigration matters

-- Posted by anonymous, July 17, 2016

Excellent criminal and immigration lawyer

Brian Conry represented me on my criminal Post-Conviction Relief (PCR) Case and immigration case. He did an excellent job handling both cases. Statistic says that only 5% of appeals and Post-Conviction Relief Cases are successful, but Mr. Conry was able to win my PCR case, and my criminal felony convictions were dismissed with prejudice. Brian was also able to help me get my citizenship regardless of felony criminal convictions. I would highly recommend Mr. Conry as an excellent attorney.

-- Posted by Walter, June 22, 2016

I recommend this law firm 100%

Brian P Conry was hired by my family to fight for my brother's legal status. My brother was detained in Texas where the immigration judges are much tougher (heartless) so our priority was for his case to be transferred to Oregon as well as for our brother to be released while we fought his case to obtain his permanent legal status. Mr. Conry and his team worked very hard to not only have the case transferred to Oregon, have our brother released in the US while we fought the case but best of all WIN the case. Because of the professionalism, knowledge and many more qualities Mr. Conry and his team won our brother's case. Our brother is now a legal permanent resident of the United States of America and can now continue to be the positive role model for this Country and be with our family without fear. The law office of Brian P Conry provided our family with guidance every step of the way. Mr. Conry was always professional, understanding, straight up, honest & respectful. His immigration law experience was evident since the beginning. Hiring Brian P Conry was the best decision our family could have done. We will always be thankful and recommend his services without a doubt.

-- Posted by Serna V, June 14, 2016

Free again after five years

I hired Brian along with other friends to defend a man wrongly imprisoned for five years in a complex criminal case where the accusers were trying to avoid deportation by claiming child abuse. The first trial ended with a hung jury, the second trial resulted in conviction. Both of these were handled by public defenders with juries. We hired Brian to appeal the conviction which was successful. The third trial in April 2016, without a jury, was skillfully...

-- Posted by Larry, May 27, 2016