Mandatory Draconic Prison Sentences And Banishment

Oregon's Measure 11 statute mandates severe minimum prison sentences for violent crimes and sex offenses. Accusations that involve assault, robbery, sexual abuse and murder put freedoms and futures at risk. For non-U.S. citizens and foreign nationals, convictions on "aggravated" felony charges lead to the mandatory minimum of banishment.

Measure 11 criminal convictions deny the court any flexibility in reducing the length of sentences. Sentences ranging from several years to hundreds of months must be served in full. Banishment is forever being required to never return home to family and friends no matter the dangers of their country of birth.

Taking On The Complexity Of Measure 11 Criminal Cases

Brian Patrick Conry is a criminal defense lawyer who has represented defendants in state, federal and appellate courts throughout Oregon and Washington. He is a skilled negotiator, leveraging the potential for acquittal and/or dismissal in order to, if possible, have charges reduced or dismissed.

Mr. Conry is also an experienced litigator who zealously prepares all cases for appropriate motion practice, including:

  • Motions to suppress drugs seized from the defendant
  • Motions to suppress statements made by the defendant
  • Discovery of potentially exculpatory evidence
  • Discovery of and additional statements of state's witnesses

Mr. Conry also directs and assists with an independent investigation into the critical facts on which the prosecution is based in order to have the ability to proceed and potentially prevail at trial, if the plea offer is not a plea "bargain."

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An attorney combining criminal defense and immigration law experience can mean the difference between freedom and mandatory prison sentences. It can also mean the difference between legally staying in the country and banishment.

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